Saturday, February 3, 2018

Reese's Birth Story..

Reese’s Birth Story

 Just a fair warning..this is long and probably more than what any of you want to know but I love reading people's birth stories and want it documented because maybe someday I'll care to "relive" it.

 Where to start..

  “Have you been having any contractions?” A question I was asked multiple times. My response?? “Umm..I don’t know.” 

 I believe it was at my 36 week check up, my doctor checked me and said I was 1cm dilated! Imagine my excitement and nervousness at the thought that things were already getting started! Then imagine my disappointment when at my 37, 38, and 39 week checks I was still only 1cm :| 

 November 14th..the day we had been talking about and planning for for months..was here. I woke up that morning and started getting ready as I had my 40 week check up at 10:15. As I was getting ready I thought I had a couple contractions but wasn’t positive that’s what they were. I left and picked my mom up on the way, she insisted I not go by myself.

 We got to the office and they quickly called me back. I anxiously waited for the doctor to come in..this was was the day..had anything changed? Was something going to happen? Were we still days away from meeting Little Bear? The doctor finally came in and I was surprised, excited, nervous when she told me I was 3 cm and 70% effaced! She then stripped my membranes and said if mom and I did some shopping and I started to feel more contractions I could come back in and she would check to see if anything had changed.

 We left and started running our errands. I started feeling more and more contractions as time passed. At this point the last thing I wanted to be doing was walking around shopping! All I wanted was to curl up on the couch

But knowing that it would probably slow things down and with David encouraging me to keep moving, I did just that.

Let's just say at this point I was kinda freaking out! I mean what it today was the day! You know you kinda get used to being pregnant but actually having the baby, being a mom..I mean wow!

Anyway..My contractions were averaging every 7-8 minutes.

I decided to go back to the office before heading home.

It was about 4pm when she checked me and said nothing had changed :(

I headed home. David got home around 5:30-6. 

As the evening went on the contractions got closer together and more intense. At David’s suggestion we did some slow dancing they recommended in birthing class - David was determined to keep me on my feet so as not to slow things down. 

By 9 I was averaging every 4.5 minutes but only a couple of them lasted a full minute, most of them were 35-50 seconds. We weren’t sure what to do so we called a good friend, Melinda, who used to be a labor and delivery nurse, and asked what she thought we should do. She said we should head up. 

David franticlly quickly packed the last of our things into the car and we left. 

Thankfully we made it to Dupont without me giving birth in the car - see Dad, we made it :) 

It was about 10:30 when we got to the hospital. Sure enough it was the real thing. I was 5 almost 6 cm and 100% effaced!

They got us checked in and to a room. This is were I get kinda fuzzy on the details. 

We told the nurse I didn’t want an epidural but if I changed my mind David would let them know. Shortly after we got “settled” I had to go to the bathroom and we figured since I’m up I might as well try some of the things the recommended in class. We tried a hot shower and then the birthing ball neither of which seemed to offer much relief. Things were getting pretty intense at this point. David was beside himself, not knowing how to help me. 

I think it was around 2-2:30 when the nurse checked me and I was only at 7cm. A short while later the on call doctor came in and started to tell us that we should get an epidural. She said that since things weren’t moving along very fast she was concerned that I wouldn’t have enough energy to push when the time came. 

Now at this point we had only been at the hospital for about 3 hrs and this was my first baby. Correct me if I’m wrong but women have been giving birth since the beginning of time without epidurals and it seems that they were able to push when it was time! Let’s just say I was not happy with this doctor. Anyway..

David told her no, more than once, and that it wasn’t what I wanted. She then asked if we wanted her to break my water. We said no to that too. She finally left the room and then the nurse started to apologize saying she didn’t know the doctor was going to try pushing an epidural on us. 

After they left the room we talked and decided to try the nitrous oxide aka laughing gas. I think it was around 3 am when they got me hooked up. It was a game changer! 

For those of you who haven’t heard of using this during labor the way it was described to us was with an epidural you don’t feel the pain, with laughing gas you feel the pain you just don’t care. This did seem true to an extent. I definitely felt the pain while I was having the contraction but as soon as it was over I was so completely relaxed that I didn’t care what had just happened. 

Not much time passed and my water broke. I remember later apologizing multiple times to the nurse because my water broke all over her 😳 

Now while the gas totally helped with the pain it also caused some problems. See it put me out of it enough that apparently I was started pushing but didn’t realize it. David called the nurse in and when she checked she said my cervix was still in the way and every time I pushed the baby’s head was pushing against it causing it to swell. Another nurse was called in to try to get baby’s head around the cervix. Said nurse was yelling at me not to push (have you ever tried not doing something you didn’t know you were doing to begin with?!) I was finally able to not push and they got his head around. I was later told if I had pushed one more time I would have ended up with a c-section. 

I started pushing about then I believe. After about 30-45min the doctor tried talking David into agreeing to an epiziotomie. At some point David and I had had a random conversation that someone told me that you heal better if you tear naturally. So David told the doctor no..more than once “He’ll be out on the next push if we do it.” she said. David told her we would wait a little bit. And guess what..


Little Bear is finally here!!!!

Praising God for our sweet, healthy, Reese Danial!! Born this morning at 4:06, weighing 7lbs 7oz and 19in long! Sooo thankful and soooooo in love♡♡♡♡ #littlebearishere #mylittlereesiepiece

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

forever changed..

Wednesday March 9th 2017, the day our lives changed forever.
I want to document this mostly so I don’t forget it, so don’t mind my rambling.
Leading up to this day I wouldn’t say I necessarily had the “normal” symptoms. I noticed I was going to the bathroom a lot more than normal and lets just say it was..smelly. Also, I would all the sudden get crazy hungry. I started to suspect something but didn’t think too much of it. 
Two days after “mother nature was supposed to come calling” I decided it was time to take a test. 
At this point I hadn’t told David about my suspicions, I wanted to be sure before I said anything to him. 
Work that day seemed to craaaaaawwwl by. My plan was to stop at Walmart really quick on the way home to grab that trusty little gadget. David had ridden with Paul to work that day and he was wanting to stop at Lowe’s on the way home. I was hoping to beat him home and quickly take the test before he arrived. Well..of course things did not go according to plan. Right after I left work David called me and wanted to know if I could pick him up at Lowe’s (face palm). I told him I needed to stop at Walmart but he said he didn’t mind waiting for me. Seeing no graceful way out, I agreed. I worried the whole time about how I was gonna pull this off without telling David anything. After running into Walmart, double bagging my “extra” purchase, I hid it under the seat of my car, all the while trying to think of a way to sneak it in the house. Thankfully I had worn a hoodie that day so when we pulled in the garage I tucked the contraband into my pocket desperately hoping David wouldn’t try to hug me! After safely making it to the bathroom I quickly took care of business and hid the smuggled goods behind the shower curtain and ever so anxiously patiently waited the longest 3 minutes of my life. Pacing back and forth in our bedroom, watching the seconds tick away. As soon as 3 minutes came I ran to the bathroom and cautiously checked. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw not one but two pink lines!! I was totally freaking out! Have you ever freaked out when you weren’t able to react or make any noise whatsoever?! Not an easy thing to do!! 
I didn’t have any grand way of telling David and was freaking out enough that I just needed to tell him right away. So I asked him to come here for a minute. He walked into the room and like a total dork I just held up the test and didn’t say anything. He stood there and just stared at it for a few seconds and then looked up with excited, disbelief in his eyes “Are you serious?!?!!!!” Unable to find words yet, I just nodded my head, my eyes filled, I’m sure, with disbelief. Even though we had been trying I think we were both kind of in shock that it was actually happening. 
We decided to do another test just to be sure. The results were the same, 2 little pink lines! 

And that’s when our lives forever changed..

Monday, October 9, 2017

florida 2017..

Waaaay back in May we had a wonderful week relaxing in the Florida sunshine with my family.
April, David, and I headed down after Andy's graduation ceremony. We drove all night long and made it to Jax Beach the next morning.

so very happy to see this sign after a long long drive!

April was thinking maybe she made a mistake joining us for a week.

For us this trip could not come soon enough!!! We were sooo excited to finally tell our family about our big secret!!!

That Florida sunshine though..couldn't get enough!

quality family time

seriously..walking the beach with the love of my life..couldn't get any better!!

Rainy day in Florida = Manis & Padis and Shopping for the girls!

We could not have been more happy about finding a little European shop with some of our Hungarian favorites!!

soaking up as much sunshine as we could

Adjective Game

supper out..someone was excited about all his fried seafood!

Goodbyes are always the worst but so thankful for the amazing week we had!!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

andy's grad weekend..

I still can't believe my baby brother has graduated!! So crazy!!!
He is the most hardworking, caring (when he wants to be), cool kid I know (don't tell him I said that or his head will get even bigger 🙂 )
I can't wait to see how God will use him in the future!

party prep time..

and here's some of his senior pictures I did last fall..