Friday, December 30, 2016


Since everyone was finally going to home at the same time we decided for my mom's Christmas gift we would have pictures taken.
Friday was a very packed day! We headed to the park for pictures, after which we went out for lunch.

After lunch David and I headed home to get stuff together for our Christmas'

Before we could go to David's parents we had to run to my parents to snap a couple pictures since they were doing a Christmas with all my siblings.

We then enjoyed a wonderful evening at David's parent's.

Owen loved his tool bench(at least that's what I keep telling myself).

When we finished up at my in-law's we headed back to my parents for a sleepover.

Saturday we had a great day relaxing, playing games, and being weird. 

After supper we did our gift giving.

Mom got us all matching pj's in our stockings, cheesy but great!

Our annual pictures in front of the tree..

And then came the hard part..the goodbyes..never easy but so so thankful for the wonderful time we had together!!

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  1. Owen loves his toolbench. Such a cool gift! And the matching pjs are great!