Monday, July 10, 2017

Hungarian Family Time..

So thankful for the 3 weeks our family from Hungary was able to spend here!!
Makes me all the more excited for when we go to Hungary in January!!

Good old American cookout at our house the first night!

My Uncle Ervin, his wife Erika and their 3 kids stayed at my parents the first week and half while my Uncle Tibi and Aunt Marcsi stayed at Al & Joli's

Such a fun evenin at the Rinkenburger's!

Out to eat at the Corner Depot

This kid!!! He LOVED taking packages to the post office! He practiced saying 'It is ready.' the whole way there!

They loved all their garage sale treasures!!

David & Lillian and David were all able to come home for a short visit!


Boys will be boys 

Delicious supper at Al & Joli's

Four wheeler rides

soooo many laughs!!

Hours of shopping with the girls!

This kid is just the cutest!!!

Every family has it's unique members 

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