Thursday, July 21, 2016

florida '16..

In June we went down to Florida for vacation with my family. 

David and I drove half way and stayed the night in this interesting quaint little hotel.

That's my software hubby :) After a few seconds he decided it wasn't worth it :)

Grocery shopping for an average of 10 people for a week is well kinda sad..for dad that is :)

Our room was on the top floor. There was no elevator :|  

There was 9 of us staying in a 2 bedroom 1.5 bathroom condo!

David and I were lucky enough to get one of the bedrooms!

Sooo glad April could come with us!!!!

We had a pool right outside our condo..

we were also right on the beach!!

sad to leave..

but excited to be home..

9hrs in, lots of slow traffic and detours, definitely ready to be home!!!  

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