Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Making Our House a Home | Before & Afters

David bought our house about 2 years before we got married and I think he did a great job painting and such!! I only repainted a couple rooms but I think he did a really good job!!

I love the colors David painted in the living room so I didn't have to paint in here at all!

The previous owners had some indoor dogs :P and they peed took care of business on the carpet. My mother-in-law tried getting the stains out but they just wouldn't come out so we broke down and got new carpet and I'm so glad we did! I love it!!

When I first told David I wanted to hang a ladder on the living room wall he thought I was nuts but he was a good sport about it and I love how it turned out(he likes it too :) )!

When we were engaged my uncle painted the kitchen cabinets for us! He did such a great job!!

I loved the curtains in the living room so much that I decided to make on for the kitchen too! Also, if you're in the market for a kitchen faucet, I highly recommend this one!!

The box on the wall is really special to me. When someone gets married in Hungary the young group buys something for the couple and they all write their names on it. When we got married they sent this key box to us!!! 

The laundry closet was my only "fun" room..I love color but I get sick of it if I have to look at it for too long so this was the perfect spot to have a little fun!
We also added another shelf for extra storage.

Other than changing the fixtures and getting a plant I didn't do anything to the guest bath. I think David did a great job on it!

In the guest room all I did was buy some pillows and hang a couple things on the walls. 

Again with the office I didn't do anything other than get a curtain and we also got the shelf in the corner.

Our bedroom was the only room that I really wanted to paint. The red wall was painted by the previous owners and since it matched the bedspread he had David simply painted the other 3 walls to match. He did a great job matching everything!!! It just wasn't quite my taste. 

I LOVE it now!!

It probably took me a little over a year to find something I liked for above the bed. As soon as I saw these shelves on the sale rack I knew they were what I had been looking for!!

We are still in the process of changing out the rest of the fixtures in the bathrooms but I love the new light fixtures!

And that's it. It's taken a couple yours to get it where we wanted and we still have a few more things to do here and there but I LOVE our little house!!!


  1. Your home is so cute! Love all of the changes you have made!

  2. So funny that ours had some of the same lights, mirrors and other features like yours. It looks great now! :)