Thursday, August 2, 2018

6 month update..

6 month check up
Weight: 16lbs 12oz , 34th%
Height: 25.75in , 14th%

We'll call these the before the shot pictures..

and after :(

Sweet Summertime 

Like father, like son

Reesie loves Anyuci Wednesday's!

He also loves riding in the cart like a big boy! He usually tries to turn himself around in the seat so he can watch everything :)

Constantly learning new tricks!

Bath time is still a favorite!

Family time = Best time

 Summer walks..

 Cutest laundry I've ever seen

What my days tend to look like.

"Where's my food mom??"

"Mom! I'm hungry!"

Trying with no success to get a good 6 month picture!

The Life of a "Muffin"

We love it when daddy gets home from work!

 Family bike ride

 Swim lessons

"Mom? Are you there mom??"

Always happy when he wakes up!

Pulling himself up everywhere he can!

Love my little family so much♡♡

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