Saturday, June 2, 2018

Memorial Day Weekend..

Back when my brother and his family came up for Easter we promised my niece we would go down and visit them in Indy sometime in May. 
Memorial Day weekend happened to be the weekend it worked out. 
If you read my last post you know we were coming off a really busy week. Friday was spent getting packed up and ready for when David got home from work at 4.

Helping mommy get the flower bed cleaned up before leaving

David got home a little later than expected but we left shortly after. 

I was beyond excited when my sister in law called me earlier that week and said their neighborhood pool was opening that weekend!
My niece and nephews managed to convince David to go swimming that night at 8pm! Angie and I opted to stay back with sleeping Reese and talk about redecorating ideas.
After lunch Saturday we all headed to the pool though! 

Emma had a hard time deciding whether she wanted to push Reese or ride her bike but ultimately she decided pushing Reese sounded more fun  

I think it's things like this that make them love him so much

We have a water bug on our hands!

When nap time came around David headed back to the house to put Reese down and work on his school stuff while we stayed at the pool.

It was sooo nice after such a busy week to just lay out and not worry about having to be somewhere or take care of someone!!

When we originally went down we planned on heading home after supper on Saturday but they managed to convince David to let us stay an extra night.

For supper we went to a yummy little Mexican restaurant.

I was pleasantly surprised by how much the kids just LOVED Reese! Even my 10 year old nephew loved to pick him up and play with him!

They all wanted a turn feeding him!

We had hoped to make s'mores over a campfire but it was too muggy out so we opted to make them inside! And they were just as yummy!

Sunday morning fun!

We went to church Sunday morning where they had an outside service planned! It was soooo hot!
After a potluck style lunch we headed home.

Thanks for a great weekend Jason & Angie!

Once we got home, we unpacked while Reese learned a new trick!

Not quite as fun as the neighborhood pool at my brothers but he still loved it!

Monday we headed to David's parents for lunch where they had a surprise waiting for us!
Perfect way to cool off in 95 degree weather!

Someone woke up early from his nap and got to go for a swim while his big cousins were still sleeping!

What a great weekend to remember!

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