Sunday, May 6, 2018

Hungary '18.. Part 2 "Week One"

Adrenaline Rush 
A physical feeling of intense excitement and stimulation caused by the release of adrenaline from the adrenal glands.
"Victoria has an adrenaline rush every time she gets to Èrsekcsanad."

From the airport it is a 2.5hr drive to my grandma's house. As kids we would always fall asleep on the way and when we woke up there was a bunch of people staring at us lol.Now I love to be awake! When I start recognizing places I know we are getting close!

There is usually a bunch of people waiting for us at Anyuka's when we arrive. It is a rush of hugs and excitment! 

First glances at the baby!

 My aunt, Timea, always prepares a huge meal for us! Chicken Soup is of course the first course. 
Lillian's favorite is the chicken feet.

David trying the chicken feet

Anyuka's first time holding her first great-grand child

Now lets just all be honest here..once you have a baby no one cares about you anymore

We usually arrive with enough time to make it to the Sunday evening singing. David was super tired and didn't go. I always go so I can see all my friends/family! Everyone always says "You must be so tired!" But I get such a rush of adrenaline that I just keep going going going till my head hits the pillow!
This time there was a wedding that day and so there was a huge singing and oh my was it beautiful!!
This is one of my favorite songs but they only sing it at weddings so I was so excited that we were in the balcony and I was able to record it!

Monday morning's pretty much my favorite meal of the day there..fresh bread from the bakery every day!

On Tuesday my uncle took David, David & Lillian, Andy and a couple cousins to Poland where they went to Auschwitz-I will do a separate post on that. 

Almost every day we were invited to someone's house for lunch.

One day we went to some cousins' house for lunch and ended up eating supper there too!
Andy and one of the boys, Medi are best friends. 

And over course we enjoyed getting to spend lots of time with uncle David and aunt Lilly

Shopping day!

Lunch at my Uncle's

A little unsure about doing palinka(their version of vodka) shots to "keep from getting sick"

Living in the same house as your grandchild for 2 weeks is every first time grandma's dream come true! Now living in the same house as your grandchild for 2 weeks while you are sick and can't touch the baby is every first time grandma's nightmare come true.
Needless to say my mom was pretty thrilled when after almost a week she finally got to hold Reese!

I love pretty much every thing about Hungary. I love being there. I love the people. I love the town. I love the singings. I love that we have so much family there. But one thing I don't think I will ever learn to love is fish soup 😖. It is a Hungarian delicacy. They make it outside in a huge pot. Once it is done cooking they bring it in and fish out all the fish(pun intended!). After eating the soup you are supposed to eat the fish. yuck.

Kinda hard to eat when there's a fish staring at you..

I think Reese is well on his way to loving Hungary like his mommy :)

My youngest cousin LOVES babies so she was in heaven!

Can't even talk yet everywhere he goes a crowd is sure to follow.

After 1 week David & Lillian and Andy headed back to the states.
One last night in town before they leave.

Goodbyes are never easy..

Part 3 "Auschwitz" coming soon


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