Sunday, May 6, 2018

What Happens to Sleep Deprived Parents..

I thought I would just go ahead and share some fun sleep deprived stories that happened after Reese was born. 
You will notice that for whatever reason all most of these are about David. And it is with his blessing that I post this :)

So we got to the hospital at 10:30pm and Reese was born at 4:06am. Once they got us moved to our new room and we finished letting people know the good news it was around 7:30am. We settled in for a little bit of sleep and got about 1.5 hour of sleep before they started coming in to do checks and what not. It was a long day of visitors coming and we loved every second of it but we were completely exhausted! By the time we all got settled for the night it was a little after 12am! My poor hubby was taking care of everything so I didn't have to get out of bed but at this point was having trouble thinking clearly. He finally crawled onto his bed and I hear him blow his nose. He then looks at me with a face completely filled with exhaustion and says "I just blew my nose in my hands."

The next couple stories take place a couple weeks after we came home from the hospital.

One night I came back to bed after feeding Reese and when I walk in I notice David's legs are pulled up (his knees pointing at the ceiling) and he is bouncing them while talking to himself. I started giggling and decided to see if I could get my sleep talking hubby to say anything funny. This is the conversation that followed.
*David was talking in a very sing-songy voice during this whole conversation*

Me - What are you doing?
David - Oh..I'm just consoling him.
Me - 😂Oh really? 
David - Yeah..we're just talking it out.
Me: Talking about what??
David - About how much we love mommy. How happy we are to be here.
Now I'm a little foggy on the details here but it was something like this:
Me: You need to go back to sleep
David: But I have to help him
Me: He's not here.
David: Yes he is. 
Me: You're dreaming
David *still in a sing-songy voice*: What are you talking about? I'm awake.
Me: I don't believe you
David: But I am
Me: I won't believe you till we talk about this in the morning.
David: Why?
Me: Because he's not in here.
David: Yes he....oh.........

Come morning it turned out David was awake and remembered this entire conversation! He was so sure Reese was in his lap and he was just bouncing away to keep him happy!


A few nights later I crawled back into bed after taking care of Reese and David got up to go to the bathroom like he usually does. Only this time before walking away he leaned down over the bed and said "I'm just going to set him right here." and walked away. I just started laughing quietly to myself because I knew what he was thinking but didn't want to make him feel bad since it had just happened a few nights before. A couple seconds pass and he slowly walks back to the bed, shoulders slumped and says "There's no baby is there?" I tried so hard not to laugh while assuring him that no, Reese was in fact in his crib in the next room. 

This next one isn't a sleep deprivation story but I found it equally funny.
I don't know how many of you know David's brother, Bryan but he doesn't typically start a conversation. He is one that sits and listens while everyone else is talking. 
Well the day after we got home from the hospital David's parents and Bryan came over for supper. While David's mom was getting the food ready I was just chilling on the couch. I think I was listening to the conversation going on in the kitchen when out of the blue Bryan, who was sitting in the chair next to me, asked me in a "so how's the weather been" kind of voice: " So Twa, how's your diarrhea?"  WHAT?!?! I was so shocked I didn't even know what to say. "Oh it's doing good" 😂
The only reason we could think of that he would have asked a question like that is he may have over heard someone say my bottom was sore and apparently he associates sore bottoms with diarrhea.

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