Thursday, May 24, 2018

Cat vs. Twa

David loves cats.

Victoria does not. 

If cat was a love language it would be David's number 1, nothing else would come close. Ok but in all seriousness though David  LOVES cats.  I don't mind them as long as they are outside and leave me alone. Not a huge issue except for the fact that David REALLY wants to have an basement cat someday, a cat that would live in the basementπŸ˜‘ the same house as me.....

This is what David thinks of when he thinks of indoor cat.....

This is what I think of.....

It has been something we have talked about for quite awhile, and though I was always very adamant about never letting a cat stay in the same house as me, in the back of my mind I thought, maybe someday I will surprise him with a basement know, to show him that I love him..that was until last night. 

We had been staying at my brother-in-law's house where they have, of all things, a basement cat.  They had left instructions that the cat wasn't allowed in the office and to keep the door at the bottom of the steps closed so the cat couldn't come upstairs. I had been on David's case most of the week about keeping the door closed, as he tended to forget. 

The kids had gone to bed and I was watching Netflix, while doing laundry on the floor in the living room, when I got a stomach ache. I laid down on the floor and then covered up with a blanket. A short time later, David came upstairs and asked if I would go down to see something he had been working on. I went down and after oh-ing and ah-ing over it appropriately, I went back upstairs, laid down on the floor, and continued watching my show while curled up with the covers up to my chin. A couple minutes later my eyes shifted for whatever reason and there, sitting not 2 feet from my face was the cat 😱😱😱😰😰😭😭😫😑

I, of course, reacted appropriately, sitting up quickly and giving off a little scream. Which in turn made the cat take off into the dark house. "SZIVEM!!"(what I call David). He comes charging upstairs to find a scared half to death, mad wife. The first thought I remember having after seeing the cat was "He didn't close the door again!!!" David stands there with a "who's dying look on his face" and one of the first words out of my mouth was "We will NEVER have a cat in our basement, EVER!" Soon followed by a "Why didn't you close the door?!" To which David replied "I've been sitting at the desk. I didn't open the door." Turns out I was the one that left it open this time 😬 oops..

Thankfully David found the cat hiding under the bed but not before the damage was done..David's dream of having a basement cat..well it will always stay just that..a dream.

I am thankful that cats are not a love language though..this way David will still know that I love him...right??

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