Saturday, June 2, 2018

A Busy Week..

Months ago Paul & Beth asked if we would want to watch their kids at all while they went on a little trip before the baby comes in July. After getting David to agree, we told them we would watch them Monday the 21st- Thursday morning, the 24th(..which didn't seem like a big deal because we didn't really have any other plans). 

When my brother and his family came up for Easter we promised my niece that we would go down and see them in Indy one weekend in May. The only weekend that worked out was the last weekend of May. That made things seem a little bit more busy but still manageable.

Well about a month before all this went down I was talking to my sister and she said she was thinking about coming home for Mother's Day this year. Turned out it was quite a bit cheaper to come the week after Mother's Day so she went ahead and booked the ticket.

Well that escalated!

Friday morning we got ready for Andy to come pick us up to head to the Indy Airport to get Lillian

At least 3 of my siblings have a very annoying habit of starting a song "Oh I love this song!" but never finishing it! They listen for about 45seconds before they change it to a different song they "love".

As far as Lillian knew Andy was going to pick her up. But the night before I worked really hard and knocked out all my cleaning and called Andy that morning to ask if Reese and I could tag along to surprise her..

and surprise her we did!

Poor Buddy was all tuckered out from all the excitement!

After a good nap and getting all packed up it was off to Anyuci's (my mom's version of grandma).
Since Reese has been born whenever Lillian comes home we move into my parents house so we can get lots of family time in and not worry about getting Reese home at 7:30 for bed. So Friday and Saturday night we slept there.

Lots of game time.. 

Lillian had to leave the house by 4am Monday morning so Sunday night around 10 we said our goodbye's and headed home. Always so thankful for the time we get to spend together and can't wait for the day when Lillian & David live more like 15 minutes away instead of 15 hours!

The Three Musketeers 

We unpacked as soon as we got home and went to sleep.

Monday morning by 9:30 Reese and I were headed over to watch these cuties for a few days..

Where David joined us after work.

Lots of cousin time over those few days!

Monkey see, Monkey do

Owen: But I don't like Little Baby Bum.
Me: Then you don't have to watch it
Owen: ...

New pouting face 😂

New places to explore and get stuck!

"Twa are these on right??"

Bay: He's gonna eat my "purple" horsey!!"
Me: Bay he can't reach your pink horsey.

Oh Wednesday! It was laughable all that happened by 12:30! 2 poopie diapers, 1 poopie underwear, 1 pooping and peeing incident outside,  2 wet underwear, and sand dumped all over the steps in the back!
We made a quick trip to the library to play and pick out a movie for after supper and then it was back home for naps. 
When supper time came we decided to take a walk over to Bummies. On the way David asked "So did today change your mind on how many kids you want?" "Nope!"

Loving the bumpy ride!

Fascinated by the birds

Those feet 😍

After we got back it was time for their movie and then time to head to bed. By 9:10 we made it to Mom and Dad's to drop the 2 kids off. I got all three kids fed, dressed, did Bay's hair, finished packing their stuff and we were only 10 minutes late!
Reese and I headed back to Paul and Beth's where he took his morning nap while I packed up the rest of our stuff. 
We got home around noon and I unpacked just to repack for our trip to Indy the next day, which I will talk about in my next post.

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